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Gloomhaven studio Flaming Fowl lays off over 20 staff

Developer also puts newly announced project Ironmarked on hold due to lack of funding

Gloomhaven developer Flaming Fowl Studios has announced layoffs, and that it's putting its current project on hold.

In a Steam post, the studio announced a demo for its new game, Ironmarked, before clarifying that production is currently stopped due to lack of funding.

In an interview with VGC, Flaming Fowl CEO Craig Oman said that the team had to downsize from around 30 people to just nine as of last Friday. He added that they had been working on Ironmarked for a year and that their publisher pulled out last June.

"We've been self-funding since August," he added. "We've been pitching to publishers since then, but they all said, 'The game looks great, the team looks great, but we're not signing anything right now'."

In the Steam post, Flaming Fowl also said that releasing Ironmarked's demo is an attempt to help staff find new roles, "by demonstrating their outstanding work on the project."

"Hopefully, with enough wishlists on Steam, we will be able to find funding in the future for Ironmarked, but until then we will be working on a smaller game that we can fully fund ourselves."

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