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Global Game Jam 2011

Association ranks 15th in GGJ, wants more teams to take part.

Thanks to all who have promoted the GGJ for Georgia ! We currently stand at 63 official participants registered on the GGJ site, placing us as the 15th largest jam site in the world (of over 140 sites). Not bad!

But even better, there are many who have registered locally but not on the GGJ site, so we actually have a count of 102 right now... which places us in a 3-way tie for the 5th largest site in the world! From past jams, I'd expect the trajectory and on-site registrations to push us up to 130-150!

I hope that you can make one last push to get students to participate from your schools. Please send them to for info, and please attend yourselves if you are able; we'll do a "closing ceremonies" ~5pm on Sunday, so if you can't attend all weekend, please drop in for the demos and wrapup.


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