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Global Game Jam 2009

1,750 developers register for this weekend's code-off.

ROCHESTER, NY – January 27, 2009 – The first Global Game Jam (GGJ), a worldwide event challenging game developers to create innovative games in just 48 hours, today announced that more than 1,750 developers have now signed up to participate in the inaugural event. From 5:00 p.m. on Friday January 30th, until 5:00 p.m. Sunday, February 1st, college students, faculty and members of the game industry will join together for a game building marathon. Participants will be given the details of the game design theme, constraints, and mechanics allowed, when the clock reaches 5:00 p.m. local time in each region, with the first time zone being New Zealand, and the last being Hawaii. As the start time comes in each time zone, the constraints will also be changed; mitigating any advantage that location might give one team over another.

“The first Global Game Jam is an opportunity for the world to see the innovative and creative games and ideas that the interactive entertainment industry has to offer,” said Susan Gold, founder of Global Game Jam. "The next Will Wright, Warren Spector, or Kyle Gabler could might come out of the showcase opportunity of the GGJ as one of the moments that shapes their career.”

GGJ will share its keynote with everyone around the world on YouTube prior to the start of the 1st Global Game Jam in New Zealand. The web will also be the place to see the action at many of the jam locations via webcam thanks to GGJ partner,

"This is a great event, where video game developers are coming together from around the world to showcase their talents,” said Brad Hunstable, president of “Ustream is happy to be able to bring this great content to the world LIVE!"

"The Nordic Game Jam is proud to be a part of the Global Game Jam," said Gorm Lai, founding member of the Nordic Game Jam. "Game jams are all about coming together to develop creative new game ideas in an environment of cooperation. It is great to see that idea elevated to a global level, and into a tool that brings us all closer together."

About Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the brainchild of Susan Gold, director of Game Program Review and chair of the Education Special Interest Group of the International Game Developers Association. GGJ brings together talented individuals and teams from around the globe and rallies them around a central theme, for which they have 48 hours to create their game. With more than 1,750 participants at 53 locations in 23 countries, GGJ is a showcase of the creativity and talent of the international game development community. GGJ is sponsored by leading companies including Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., Mekensleep Studios, and Unity Technologies. For more information on the Global Game Jam, including a list of locations, a sample schedule for the three days at each site and more, visit at



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