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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Blitz's Philip Oliver and Rare's Jim Horth at at Birmingham Science Park Aston later this month.

2010 Nov 01 - Respected luminaries from the gaming and digital technology industry will be speaking at a special event at Birmingham Science Park Aston (BSPA) on Tuesday 16th November, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Industry heavyweights will join speakers from ScreenWM, Warwick Business School and Birmingham Science Park Aston for a day which will celebrate the groundbreaking work carried out in the region as a result of the close links between the region's academic institutions and private enterprise. As well as showcasing successful work to date, the event will discuss the exciting new trends and technologies emerging which will shape the future of the gaming sector.

Jim Horth, executive producer at Rare Ltd, said: "It is essential that the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators continue to utilise new technologies and talent emerging from the region's universities. As the games industry merges closer with the digital world it will be increasingly important to collaborate with digital and creative professionals, which is why we are delighted to be working with Birmingham Science Park Aston to promote the innovation agenda and harness fresh game development talent right here in the Midlands."

Matthew Hidderley of Birmingham Science Park Aston said: "Continuing to support and develop the knowledge economy is going to be a crucial tool for our region's growth and future prosperity. The West Midlands boasts over 21% of the UK games workforce and has become an unrivalled hub for games, serious games and interactive digital media.

"Initiatives like ours aim to nurture this industry and provide the environment start-ups need to succeed. We are delighted to be putting this showcase event on for over 150 people and thank our partners Birmingham City Council, ScreenWM and Aston University for their continued support."

Philip Oliver, chief executive officer of Blitz Games Studios, said: "When we founded Blitz some 20 years ago there was little or no structured support offered to technology entrepreneurs, so we have always been committed to offering our time and knowledge to new entrants to our industry.

"For example, our own Blitz 1UP initiative has helped scores of new indie developers to bring their games to market. I'm looking forward to meeting the next generation of talented individuals during Global Entrepreneurship Week and hope we can offer them constructive advice and inspiration."

Also showcasing a diverse variety of new technologies will be over 15 high tech start-up firms who are currently members of BSPA's Entrepreneurs for the Future incubation scheme.

Anyone interested in attending the Gaming & Digital Technology Day on Tuesday 16th November may register for free at or call 0121 260 6168 for any further information. 

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