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Global Agenda

Three new maps unveiled at PAX 09: Ice-Flow, Seaside and Climate Control.

September 6, 2009 - Seattle - The Penny Arcade Expo show floor is featuring the action MMO Global Agenda and introducing three newly polished maps and game-styles:

- Ice-Flow is an Escort map set outside a Siberian facility with the lights of the Aurora Borealis visible against the evening sky

- Seaside is a 3-point Ticket map set upon a massive drilling platform suspended above a storming Northern Atlantic ocean

- Climate Control is an Attack/Defend map set within the mountains of East Asia and populated with trees that sway in the blowing wind.

These maps have emerged recently from Global Agenda's Closed Beta Test 1 (CBT1) and have been warmly received by the PAX crowd according to Executive Producer Todd Harris. "First-time players are hopping on a station, playing team-based missions, and then returning with additional friends to play more", says Todd. "Our Dev Team here at PAX is thrilled to see players enjoying MMO game-play for its own sake rather than simply to level-up a character. Our booth is a grind-free zone".

Later this year, developer Hi-Rez Studios plans to introduce Campaign functionality which will initiate a massive persistent conflict between player created Agency groups for limited territory, technology, and resources in the world of Global Agenda. Players interested in joining this pending Closed Beta Test 2 (CBT2) phase of Global Agenda can apply at www.globalagendagame.com

About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. is an independent developer established in 2005 to create exceptional interactive online entertainment and is located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Global Agenda is an action-based massively multiplayer online game set in 22nd century Earth, in a spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. For more information, please visit www.hirezstudios.com and www.globalagendagame.com.

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