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Global Agenda

Hi-Rez's action MMOG to include built-in voice chat courtesy of Vivox.

ATLANTA, GA, November 10, 2009 — Hi-Rez Studios, currently developing the action MMO Global Agenda, announced today that the game includes built-in voice chat and a number of other voice features powered by Vivox. The feature set upon release will include:

In-Game Player Voice Chat - push to talk voice chat enables team communication within co-op player-vs-environment missions as well as competitive player-vs-player missions.

In-Game News Broadcasts - delivery of voice broadcasts within the game that describe key victories and events associated with Global Agenda's persistent territory control gameplay.

Out Of Game Player Voice Chat (Subscriber Only): Subscribers gain the ability to talk with Agency members and other Global Agenda players while playing other games or simply browsing the web. Players can use a variety of access methods including the Vivox Web Voice within the toolbar controls, Vivox Voice on Facebook, or calling into a specified chat channel from their phone.

"Global Agenda's combat is very team oriented, requiring close and real-time coordination between teammates in a mission," said Todd Harris, Executive Producer at Hi-Rez Studios. "Voice provided by Vivox allows our players to easily communicate with each another without requiring a separate, non-integrated solution. Our beta community has rated the voice quality to be superb and we are excited to work with Vivox to bring this capability to our player base."

Global Agenda is a fast-paced massively multiplayer action game set in Earth's near future, a spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. Players determine which factions to aid and which to oppose.

“Global Agenda re-defines fast paced MMO gameplay,” said Rob Seaver, CEO of Vivox. “With Vivox voice built into the world, players will be able to link up, strategize and coordinate their battles in real-time. It is a pleasure to work with Hi-Rez Studios to craft a distinctive universe where player experience ultimately rules the world.”

Upon release in Q1 2010, players can experience Global Agenda’s award-winning multi-player PvP and PvE content after a one-time purchase of the game at retail or digital distribution outlets without a monthly fee, supporting character progression to max level and unlocks of full device inventories.

For those that subscribe to the optional "Global Agenda: Conquest" package, additional elite-level missions will be available that benefit your agency in the Alliance vs Alliance campaign for persistent territory control and scarce resources.

Hi-Rez Studios will be hosting a dev chat in their Vivox Voice on Facebook room on Wednesday, November 18th – 10:00pmEST/7:00pmPST.

RSVP to the event at

To participate, download the Vivox Voice app at then join us at

Not near a computer, call-in with your phone! +1 646-727-4472 x365884

About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment and is located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit and

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About Vivox, Inc.

Vivox is the leading provider of community-building voice services for online games,virtual worlds and the social web. Supporting over 15 million users in more than 180 countries, and over 2 billion minutes of voice chat per month, the Vivox Network is the world’s largest voice network for gamers. Vivox customers include game and virtual world developers and publishers such as CCP Games (EVE Online), EA, Gaia Online, Icarus Studios, Linden Lab (Second Life), NCsoft, Sony Online Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast. For more information on Vivox and the power of voice, visit

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