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Gizmondo unveils games catalogue, promises 89 titles in the pipeline

Tiger Telematics has issued a statement announcing that 89 games are in development for the Gizmondo, including titles from Microsoft, Disney Buena Vista, Ubisoft, Team 17 amd Fathammer.

Of the total, 25 games were mentioned by name. These included titles previously announced as well as new offerings Battlestations: Midway, from SCi, and Supernaturals, Race, Ghost, Jump and Hit and Myth, all by Gizmondo Studios.

JoWood's Verbier Ride, Factory 1's Goal and Casino from Hustler were also listed, but their publishing deals have only been agreed in priniciple. Additional announcements will be made separately.

Tiger said the games will be optimised to make use of the Gizmondo's distinctive features such as Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS and a built-in digital camera.

"Our games will be comprised of original titles, both internally and externally developed, as well as very high profile licensed products," said Eric Peterson, head of Gizmondo's global development.

"Our goal is to deliver a broad spectrum of high quality games, canvassing all genres. Gizmondo owners will be spoiled with all the choices they will have for games entertainment, this in addition to the music and video content already available."

Erin Roberts has joined the Gizmondo team as Director of UK Development. Roberts, who has previously worked for Microsoft and Electronic Arts, commented: "Until now our games have focused on exploiting each of the Gizmondo's functions as standalone features.

"Over the coming months, we will begin to divulge how the functions and hardware can be used in combination to make the handheld greater than the sum of its parts."

Also new to Gizmondo Studios is Ronald Spitzer, who heads up New Business Development. "Key to our ongoing success will be forging new partnerships and seizing opportunities as they present themselves," he said.

"The Gizmondo is a convergence, high-capacity device and is attracting an entourage of third parties who have realized the value of mobile platforms."

Tiger Telematics co-founder and chairman Carl Freer added that a combination of original titles and mainstream blockbusters was essential to ensure that content will sell hardware.

"Announcing our 2005 catalogue of games today is testament to how seriously we're taking this challenge and a clear message that Gizmondo is synonymous with cutting edge entertainment," he said.

"We will deliver a unique selection of games that exploits every last piece of functionality squeezed into this fantastic device."

Gizmondo launched in the UK on March 19 and is now available in selected branches of John Lewis, GameStation and Carphone Warehouse, as well as a flagship Regent Street store. The console will go on sale in Ireland on April 19 and launches in the US and Continental Europe are set to follow soon.

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