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Gizmondo Trailer

United Games recently updated its DVD production ( dubbed "What's Next?" ), by including more details on Gizmondo, which hopes to take on PSP and Nintendo DS in the UK next Easter.

As such, it was only befitting to have our latest teaser trailer centre around this device.

The trailer is now available for download at the following URL:

Featuring an oldskool breakbeat soundtrack in the form of "Escape" courtesy of Pointblank Productions / Recursion Records, the trailer contains a lot of hints regarding CES, Gizmondo's relationship with Microsoft, and its perception as an Xbox in your pocket...

A full round up of the Gizmondo's messaging, photo, GPS, music, movie, and three of its launch games are given on United Games' "What's Next?" DVD production.

About "What's Next?":

What's Next is a DVD documentary from United Games, that takes a look at what is instore for the future of the games industry. From the talent pipeline crisis, to convergence, innovation and technology, games as recognised sports, women in gaming and more (Incorporating footage from E3, GameStars Live, Women In Games, Electronic Sports World Cup, JoyStick Junkies, Edinburgh International Games Festival, and Classic Gaming Expo UK). The DVD also contains sections dedicated to Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, and now also Gizmondo.

The "What's Next?" DVD will be available late December, but is available to pre-order online now.

About United Games Media:

United Games Media was founded in 2004, by Mr AJ Mehta and Mr ACE Okell, to commercialise the activities of United Games - previously a non-profit, fan-made magazine distributed at independent retailers.

United Games Media's first product is "What's Next?", a DVD video documentary on the future of gaming.

United Games Media also encompasses United Games' Game eXtra Services, including VHS, DVD, Print, Advert Design, Web Design, and Content Licensing services. Previous clients include JoyStick Junkies, OPM Response, RetroCollector, Interactive Selection, R Muzik and Rowen Bridler.

Contact Details:


United Games Website:

Game-eXtra Website:

What's Next? Website:

About Pointblank Productions & Recursion Records:

Oldskool breakbeats from Pointblank Production's Chris White aka DJ YT. Chris White started messing around with MOD editors back in 1993, and finally released his first Vinyl, in the form of the Recursion EP in 2001. Chris is also part of the games industry, having worked on mobile games such as Aleste (®Square Enix 2004), Man United Football (®Macrospace 2004) and MotoManics (®Morpheme 2004). Although Chris is now working for MacroSpace, Morpheme's Jerry Carpenter told us he last saw Chris White DJing in a tent somewhere in Southampton......and warned us he was the master of destruction. Enough said.

For more information on Chris' oldskool music, visit:

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