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Gizmondo to be powered by new NVIDIA mobile chip

Hardware details of the forthcoming Gizmondo handheld console have been revealed today, with Gizmondo Europe Ltd confirming that the system will ship with a new graphics chipset provided by NVIDIA.

Titled the GoForce 3D 4500, the new chip is described as being the first "wireless media processor" of its kind, and will provide imaging and video capabilities as well as 3D functions including pixel shaders, bilinear and trilinear filtering, texture compression and support for six simultaneous textures.

The Gizmondo, which integrates a camera, GPS system and mobile communications platform as well as a games console, will be powered by the new GoForce chip along with a Samsumg ARM9 400Mhz processor.

"The GoForce 3D 4500 is the perfect solution for Gizmondo," according to Gizmondo Europe managing director Carl Freer. "NVIDIA has a proven record of delivering the type of product gaming enthusiasts want and working with developers and publishers to enable rich, compelling content."

"We are extremely pleased to work with NVIDIA on this project," he continued. "Gizmondo's combination of gaming and multimedia capabilities is going to change the face of mobile gaming."

Gizmondo is set to launch in the UK on October 29th, with worldwide launches for the handheld to follow in 2005.

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