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Gizmondo signs a dozen titles from SCi

Tiger Telematics subsidiary Gizmondo Europe has announced a new deal with British publisher SCi, which will see twelve of SCi's titles being released on the forthcoming Gizmondo handheld platform.

Under the terms of the deal, Gizmondo will develop and publish the handheld versions of the titles - which include back catalogue franchises such as the Conflict games, Carmageddon and Richard Burns Rally, as well as games from SCi's upcoming portfolio.

"Gamers demand great game content, and that's precisely what this deal is about for Gizmondo," according to Gizmondo managing director Carl Freer. "We've been extremely impressed with what SCi is producing, especially their enthusiasm to engage the gamer with quality."

SCi commercial director Bill Ennis, meanwhile, chimed in to opine that "Gizmondo is a very sleek piece of kit and I'm extremely pleased that we have the opportunity to showcase the SCi line-up on this next-generation handheld."

The Gizmondo device will launch in the UK later this year, with worldwide launches to follow in 2005, and boasts a powerful processor and 3D graphics chip, running Microsoft's Windows CE, along with a camera, GPRS network link, GPS chip for location-based services and gaming, Bluetooth communications and music and video playback functions.

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