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Gizmondo ships to UK retailers

The new Gizmondo handheld console has shipped to retailers in the UK, marking the first availability of the device anywhere in the world - with a relatively soft launch set to be stepped up a notch by a presence at the Best of Stuff show in London this week.

The system, which is manufactured by Tiger Telematics subsidiary Gizmondo Europe, integrates a powerful CPU and NVIDIA-supplied graphics chip with mobile communication, global positioning, camera and video/audio playback functions.

Gizmondo is promising that 12 software titles will be made available for the device in the "launch period", including Super Drop Mania, Angel Fish, Colours, Interstellar Flames 2, Stuntcar Extreme, and SCi-licensed racing title Richard Burns Rally.

"As the newcomers, we've had to play many cards close to our chest," commented Gizmondo Europe managing director Carl Freer, "but this is about to change. Over the coming weeks, there will be a series of Gizmondo announcements, as we go to market."

"The Gizmondo is a great product," he continued, "we're extremely proud of it, and we're equally delighted that the UK will be the first launch platform."

The device is set to launch in North American markets in the first quarter of 2005.

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