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Gizmondo prepares for 2005 North American launch

Tiger Telematics subsidiary Gizmondo Europe, which is currently preparing the Gizmondo handheld console for launch in the UK later this year, has announced preliminary details of its North American launch plans.

The firm has signed letters of intent with Redline Marketing and Tartan Sales, who will between them handle sales, account management and distribution for the device, which is set to launch in North America in early 2005.

"Both Redline Marketing and Tartan Sales have vast experience in sales and account management of leading-edge consumer electronics products in the USA retail market," according to Gizmondo Europe managing director Carl Freer.

"Our intention is to launch Gizmondo in the US in early 2005 and the timing of these agreements provides us with a valuable, six-month window of opportunity for pre-sale activities," he continued.

The Gizmondo device is a powerful handset, running Windows CE, which provides gaming, digital camera, movie and audio playback, GPS location functions, BlueTooth connectivity and messaging over GPRS phone systems.

It is expected to make its public debut in the UK at the Game Stars Live consumer show in London at the start of September.

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