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Give your equipment a medical with Hospital Tycoon™, coming June 8th on PC.

Tune into the latest video episode of the hospital drama – now available online.

Does your mouse need a medical? Is your hard-drive due a health-check? If so, Codemasters has the perfect prescription: a dose of Hospital Tycoon, the all new PC title coming June 8th that fuses 'tycoon' style gameplay with character simulation and a light-hearted narrative.

Ahead of the game's launch, check yourself in to the hospital and sample some of its medical mayhem with the latest Hospital Tycoon video, now available from (in Downloads) or (Hospital Tycoon - Episode 2).

The video opens the admissions door of the Sapphire Beach Medical Institute, just one of the facilities in the game, where the hospital director has been fitting out the hospital with some of the latest medical equipment. Can Doctor Nick Buffman and Nurse Daisy get to grips with the new treatment machines in time to diagnose the patients?

In Hospital Tycoon, players take on the role of Hospital Director and take charge of the medical staff, keep an eye on the patient numbers and make sure each facility has the equipment required to keep those cures coming through. As illustrated in the video, there's plenty of equipment to install in your hospital - from standard fixtures and fittings right through to exotic medical devices.

An essential piece is the Research Machine, a formidable piece of equipment that is used in the diagnosis of unknown conditions. The more diseases that are researched and discovered using the machine, the more patients your hospital offer treatment to.

Then there are such clever items as the Microbial Luminescence Chamber, which, thanks to its blast of intense light causes any germs on a patient's body to glow brightly - they'll practically illuminate the wards.

There's even equipment to help the staff; the Neural Upgrade System encodes new information into a Staff Members memory, providing them with all manner of new medical qualifications in a relatively short time.

With all this high-tech equipment arriving at the hospital on a daily basis, ever vigilant receptionist, Miss Spelling, is wondering if all the time Doctor Rick Steel is spending coming in and out of the research room is really for the good of the patients. What if he is plotting some mischief, or even a dastardly plan that would shock the hospital to its very core? Or, then again, thinks our lovely receptionist, maybe he was just looking for the men's room

There's only one way to find out: Tune into Hospital Tycoon - the gripping medical drama - on June 8th, exclusively for PC. Discover more in the new video, now available from (in Downloads) or (Hospital Tycoon - Episode 2).

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