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Gink is in Trouble! Generation Stars Releases Gink in Trouble!

For Immediate Release

November 21st 2005 - Generation Stars,, is pleased to announce that their latest game, Gink in Trouble, is now available from their website. Gink, who represents all that is good and colorful in the world is out to save his planet from Slumb; who's evil monochrome plot has taken the color from the planet. Play as Gink as you guide him on a perilous journey through the tower of Slumb.

The tower is collapsing! Guide gink to safety in story or arcade mode. Above Gink spikes are falling and below Gink are the icy depths of Davey Jones' Locker. In order to survive Gink must be guided carefully through an endless maze of bricks, using them to slow his descent towards the water but waiting too long, lest the spikes ruin his eternal good mood. Grab power-ups, such as speed, weight, and bomb blasts, as well as interact with a variety of different bricks such as ice, sludge, springs, and more!

Every time Gink is played the game is different. Never play the same map twice, giving endless fun to Gink's triumph over the evil Slumb.

Gink in Trouble comes with a free demo available from the Generation Stars website at For more information or to download the demo visit their site today!

About Generation Stars

For the past 6 years Generation Stars have been developing games and have produced over 20 small freeware arcade games and 2 shareware arcade games. Most popular games like "Raklem", "GS Inspector", "CaveShip" or "Find 5" had made their mark on numerous web sites and game related portals where some reached tens of thousands downloads. Find out more about us at

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