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Giant Realm to launch online community platform

Media company to provide online tools for content and community management in ad-revenue sharing deals

Giant Realm, the online media company, has unveiled plans to launch the Giant Realm Platform, a free web-based social media platform for online publishers to enhance their community's features and create new revenue generating opportunities.

The platform's provides a complete social networking toolset with a content management system and works under an advertising revenue sharing agreement. Giant Realm covers all of the infrastructure and development costs while driving targeted advertisers to customer sites.

"The Giant Realm Platform is giving young entrepreneurs the unprecedented opportunity to transform what may have begun as a hobby into a burgeoning business," said James Green, CEO, Giant Realm.

"There are a tremendous number of popular, well-trafficked online communities that boast dedicated audiences but lack the sophisticated technology, tools and design to compete against the bigger players."

"We're giving tomorrow's online success stories the launch pad that they need while deepening our ability to deliver millions of passionate young men to marketers. The immediate results experienced by the first round of communities exceeded our expectations."

Leon Gaban, operator of the StarCraft fan site, Starfeeder, avaliable through the company's GameRiot portal, added: "The Giant Realm Platform is a breakthrough service that is allowing me to turn my love of gaming into a growing business."

"After just one month of being on the Giant Realm Platform, traffic to my site tripled. The interface has been enhanced significantly and users are joining my community in record numbers."

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