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Ghost Watch

More about NCore's real-time card battle game.

Generally speaking, TCG is easily associated with a static game of presenting and consuming cards based on difficult rules to determine the outcome. ‘Ghost Watch’, developed by NCore Inc., is a newly conceptualized TCG making various attempts to break this fixed idea.

Above all, ‘Ghost Watch’ adopted the active time battle system where turns are given real-time according to the passing of time, instead of the turn-based battle system of ‘me once and you once’. This enables a real-time battle with the opponent instead of the conventional method of having to look blindly at the opponent on his/her turn.

Moreover, this game poured a great deal of effort on visual entertainment. The creatures summoned during the battles are all rendered in 3D modeling, and are introduced actually in the games. The battle actions and diversity of brilliant magic effects of the summoned creatures also add to the enjoyment of the users.

‘Ghost Watch’ is basically a TCG, but partially adopts the MORPG system familiar to users in order to increase approachability. There is a village where the characters of users gather, as well as dungeons and boss monsters for quests. Users can meet in the village to form communities with other users or to engage in competitions. Another entertainment factor of TCG, card collection, can also be traded in the village.

On another hand, ‘Ghost Watch’ is focusing on the task of adding cards, the core of TCG, with the goal of launching in the North American market by the early term of next year. The game is scheduled to be opened at a point where approximately 500 types of cards are developed, with the goal of adding 200 new cards every 3 months afterwards.  

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