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Genre: FPS

Developer: G Artists/SCEI

Platforms: PSP

No. of Players: 1-4 Players (wireless)

Expected U.S. Release: Summer 2005

Expected ESRB Rating: T

UPC: 0-45557-18804-7

Not yet available in Japan

Game Description:

In a world without borders, terrorism knows no limits.

Section 9 is back to give the cyber-terrorists a run for their money. Play as different members of Section 9 to solve the latest terrorist threat. Use Motoko's agility, Batou's strength, Togusa's stealth or Saito's sniper skills to investigate the mysteries of Berutarbe.


  • Train and customize your Tachikoma - teach them early on and you'll reap the rewards as the battles heat up! Add weapons parts and accessories to enhance their abilities.
  • Choose from more than 40 different weapons; from hand guns to rocket launchers and sub-machine guns
  • Play wirelessly! Take out your enemies in wireless battles and communication or trade Tachikoma weapons, parts and AI data.
  • Hack into enemies or surveillance systems to break down the terrorist cells.

Legal Line:

® 2002-2005 Shirow Masamune-Production I.G/KODANSHA

® 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc./BANDAI/Production I.G

GHOST IN THE SHELL is a registered trademark of Kodansha Ltd. STAND ALONE COMPLEX is a trademark of Kodansha Ltd.

BANDAI logo is a registered trademark of Bandai. All Rights Reserved.

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