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GFI goes to E3 2006


GFI is glad to inform you, that we have finished all the preparations for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 in Los Angeles. We are proud to present various high-quality products in different genres.

Amongst the line-up of our games that we will be presenting at E3 2006, you will find a number of RTS products, action games, shooters and tactical games that will definitely please the audience. The whole list of products goes as follows:

Officers (developer GFI UA) - is a 3D RTS game with RPG-elements, where the player acts as a military commander. The game is also a unique combat simulator that covers the whole period of World War II.

Jagged Alliance 3D (developer MiST land - South) - the famous series that have won numerous awards around the globe gains a brand new life. Jagged Alliance 3D is a classic turn-based tactical strategy with strong RPG elements. It offers well known mechanics and atmosphere of the original games, as well as the pleasure of meeting good old friends - A.I.M. mercenaries. The action now takes place in a highly interactive environment where you have a possibility to destroy almost everything.

Warfare (developer MiST land - South) - is a real-time strategy with elements of global planning. The game is set on the territory of Saudi Arabia. Here four opposing forces, the Saudi Royal family, the US Army expeditionary corps, the Taliban movement supporters and Arabian rebels fight for the right to rule the country.

4th Battalion (developer MiST land - South) - is an action / RPG game devoted to the colonial wars of far of future. Key events take place on Mars, which is burning in fire of civil war and general chaos. Our hero will have to take part in immense battles along with thousands of other participants, commit several dozens of diversions and use all his diplomatic skills to restore Order and Peace for the exhausted planet.

Werewolves (developer MiST land - South) - is a real time tactical strategy game reliving the glorious history of the assault squads during World War II. The player will have to conduct special missions divided into three large campaigns - Allies, Axis and Soviet Union and have a new look at WWII history and its key events. He will act as a commander of an assault squad fighting in Stalingrad, Ardennes, El Alamein, Italy, Berlin and many other places.

Protivostoyanie (developer GFI) - is a real time strategy game with rich tactical elements based on alternative history of World War II. The idea of the game is build upon well-known plans of Adolf Hitler and Wehrmacht command to invade British Isles in 1940. As Protivostoyanie has an alternative history setting, you will be able to manage various operative embodiments and military prototypes. For example, you can use helicopters' prototypes, military airships, ballistic rockets etc.

Glukoza: ACTION! (developer MiST land - South) - mutually combines exhilarating 3rd person action game with classical fighting, when you move from one level to another, beating your enemies hard. Player controls Glukoza directly and can use various types of weapons that can be found within game levels. Melee and hand-to-hand combat modes are also present.

Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero (developer GFI UA) - is a real time strategy game telling the story of Glukoza fighting against guileful pigs led by pigs' Fuhrer called Pigius. They are dying to get the global hegemony. The girl in camouflage must reveal her strategic talent and stop them. The powerful Officers' game engine provides wonderful and cartoon-styled graphics. As for the rest, destroy all Schweine otherwise they destroy you!

Want to know more? Besides games listed above all our visitors are welcome to enjoy several titles that have already been released in Russia. Among them are: Alfa: Antiterror Gold, Homeplanet Gold, Neuro, StarCalibur, COPS 2170 Gold, Rat Hunter.

You can find us at E3 2006 in: Kentia Hall, Booth #7115, 7117 and 7119.

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