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GFi @ GC 2005

As GFi company ( we are glad to inform you, that we have finished all the preparations for the upcoming Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig -

Our goal is to bring high-class PC games directly to the players offering new experience and quality standards on local and international markets. Thus, we are proud to present five already known high-quality products in different genres. Among them you can find: Jagged Alliance 3D, Officers, WarFare, Neuro, Ratt Hunter. There is also one unannounced title that would be presented to the audience right before GC 2005.

As for the games that have been already confirmed for presentation in Germany in August:

Jagged Alliance 3D - is a well-deserved successor of cult game series, that would provide traditional JA gameplay and atmosphere. Meet good old friends - A.I.M. mercenaries - in new three-dimensional environment, and experience traditional tactical simulation.

Officers - revolutionary 3D RTS, that discloses the new edges of WWII. Mass battles, stunning 3D graphics, and unbelievable tactical and strategic opportunities - you have never seen it before. Make an alternative history with your own hands!

WarFare - when the oil ends - WarFare begins! Three-layered gameplay structure - tactics, economics, strategy, as well as the nearest approach to life physics and dynamics make WarFare rise above other current RTS games on the market. What if next bloody conflict broke out between Saudi Arabia and USA?

Neuro - makers of HomePlanet are presenting a story-driven first-person shooter that takes place in a cyberpunk world, where implants in the human brain and psi-abilities are a usual thing. The main protagonist is a psi-solider working for a powerful corporation.

Ratt Hunter - traditional first-person shooter set in a hi-tech environment, offering a thrilling story with sharp plot turns, and single-player mode focus.

Concerning the sixth title, please, wait for the further announcements and press-releases.

For the detailed information and up-to-date in-game images, please, refer to stand-alone pages of the products at GFi's GC 2005 promo page -

GFi always strives to achieve the highest level of friendly relations both with press members and publishers, as well as the communities of our games. We are glad to meet you at our booth (G60, Business Hall 2) and answer all the questions concerning our current activities. So, be sure to get your scheduled appointment!


Grigory Matiukhine

PR Assistant

GFi //

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