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Get Your Fingers On Wrapstar's Pulse


February 2007, London, United Kingdom - Wrapstar is proud to announce the imminent release of its PULSE design for PSP. With an eye on the market and a desire to keep delivering new and appealing designs to meet the demands of the fashion conscious gamer, Wrapstar is today announcing the upcoming release of its hi-tech, dark-bottle-green design for the PSP.

Pulse both compliments and complements Wrapstar's existing range of 14 designs for the PSP, and will make your mates green with envy. Max Haddow, Managing Director of Wrapstar commented "It's important for us to keep delivering new designs to the market. Wrapstar's vinyl skins are the best quality and they help people refresh their tired hardware, protect new machines and also customise them to fit in with their unique lifestyles. As with clothes and fashion accessories, people like to be able to change the message they are giving out about themselves. And the same goes for Wrapstar's designs - we want to keep them fresh, keep them cool and keep delivering new designs that keep saying something subtle and something new about you."

Wrapstar's entire range of skins can be seen at their website,

Wrapstar skins can be bought online via Amazon at:

via Game at:


and via all good high street retailers.

Pulse for PSP is out on Friday 23rd February and is at a SRP of £4.99

Images of Wrapstar's range are available in any format for immediate dispatch.

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