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Get Your Brain Kung-Fu Fighting


13th August 2007

Ninja Brain Workout, a challenging collection of eight addictive PC games including favourites like Sudoku and Solitaire to entertain and exercise the brain has been launched by Avanquest Software.

Included in Ninja Brain Workout are Sudoku, crosswords, Jigsaw Mania, Mahjong, Solitaire and Great Wall Of Words. Users get to enjoy all the classics with a sharp, modern twist plus some clever variations on original themes.


In this version of Sudoku, users can play the standard game plus two new versions; namely Sudoku X and Killer Sudoku. Sudoku X involves creating 1-9 in the diagonals as well as the squares and Killer Sudoku contains elements of Kakuro puzzles to create a more challenging experience. Definitely a challenge for Sudoku fans.

Jigsaw Mania

The award winning Jigsaw Mania comes with over 610 games to play plus the unique feature to make personalised jigsaws from digital home photographs. Users can spend hours playing the multitude of puzzles at their disposal or create their own images to pass on to family and friends.

Mahjong Journey of Enlightenment

Dating back to over two thousand years ago, Mahjong is said to have originated in the court of the King of Wu and was exclusively played by royalty - any commoners daring to play were executed. Now anyone can play this addictive game and Ninja Brain Workout has included one or two remarkable twists to keep fans enthralled for hours.

Crosswords & Solitaire

The crosswords are the classics, now come to life on the PC. Ninja Brain Workout also offers a unique take on Solitaire. In this addictive variation the marbles need to be removed from the board until only one remains.

Great Wall of Words

Enter the great wall of words, a game that requires players to link letters and build words. The longest, most unusual words get huge points and those seeking a bigger challenge can choose from three different modes of play; Classic, Battle and Conquest.

Publisher: Avanquest Software

Developer: Inertia

Official web:

Price: £19.99

Format: PC

Genre: Puzzle

About Avanquest Software

Avanquest Software is a leading developer and global publisher of best-selling personal and professional software designed for utilities, office productivity, communications and mobility worldwide. Headquartered in France, with operating units, subsidiaries and offices located in United States, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, China, Korea, and Japan, Avanquest Software products are marketed in over 100 countries, through e-commerce, OEM partnerships and IT resellers. Founded in 1984 as BVRP Software and listed since December 1996 on Euronext (ISIN FR0004026714), Avanquest Software forms part of the Eurolist, NextEconomy segment and SBF 250 index. In 2006, Avanquest Software posted revenues of 75.1M. Additional information on Avanquest Software is available at

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