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Get The Most Out Of Gran Turismo 4™ With Logitech’s Driving Force Pro Wheel

Force Feedback Wheel Delivers An Unprecedented 900 Degrees Of Rotation

FREMONT, Calif. and ROMANEL-SUR-MORGES, Switzerland - Feb 21, 2005 - With the highly anticipated release of Polyphony Digital's Gran TurismoTM 4 fast approaching it is time to get your hands on Logitech's Driving ForceTM Pro force feedback wheel for the PlayStation®2. The Driving ForceTM Pro is specially designed for use with GT4 and using it is the only way to experience the full impact of every turn, dip, road surface and collision - just as the game developers intended. It is available on retail stores shelves and at www.logitech.com for a suggested retail price of £99.99.

"This tempting combination of high-tech circuitry with a premium fit and finish will have gamers reaching for their seatbelt," said Fred Swan, director of marketing for Logitech's Audio and Interactive Business Unit. "The opportunity to work with Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital to create a full force feedback wheel from the ground up has allowed us to provide racing fans with the ultimate driving experience."

900 Degrees of Rotation

The Logitech Driving Force Pro is the world's first force feedback steering wheel that mimics the dynamic turning radius of a real, performance-oriented streetcar. Previously, the degrees of rotation available in any gaming wheel were 300 degrees or less.

When put into action, the Logitech Driving Force Pro engages its advanced rack and pinion steering system and seamlessly turns a full 900 degrees (2.5 turns, lock-to-lock) in games that support this feature. With its unprecedented steering system, the Logitech Driving Force Pro duplicates the steering dynamics of today's racecars - something that has never been seen before in a wheel for home use. Typical arcade racing systems costing thousands of dollars offer infinite wheel rotation - and are neither realistic nor beneficial to the gamer.

For compatibility with older games, the Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel has an automatic legacy mode that reverts to 200 degrees of rotation. This allows gamers to play their existing force feedback games as they've been accustomed to and get the most out of new games - all with a single wheel.

There's More Under the Hood

Logitech has improved on its state-of-the-art force feedback technology and has added a host of other features to make Driving Force Pro a must-have for Gran Turismo 4 drivers. The force feedback is driven by stronger motors than those available with other wheels, while the steering has a smooth and solid feel due to specially designed steel bearings. This creates a much more true-to-life experience.

The solid, ten-inch wheel is covered in leather-textured black rubber moulding that provides a comfortable grip and helps ensure precise steering. On the aluminium centre hub of the wheel, the world-renowned Gran Turismo "GT" logo is featured, reminding the gamer that this is the one-and-only wheel endorsed by Gran Turismo 4.

The Logitech Driving Force Pro also sports a right-side gear stick with precise sequential shifting action and a design inspired by Italian performance cars. For Formula-style racing fans, the wheel also features paddle shifters on the back of the wheel. There are eight easy-to-reach, wheel-mounted action buttons on the wheel hub, and an on-board analog D-pad that controls car functions. Two other buttons - "start" and "select" - are conveniently placed toward the bottom of the wheel and make game navigation simple. A dual clamping system locks to prevent the base of the wheel from coming loose during game play, and allows it to be secured to different surfaces, such as a table or a countertop.

The weighted pedal base features large pedals with improved strength and stability. In addition, the wheel incorporates Logitech's unique carpet grip system, which ensures that almost any amount of pressure on the gas or the brake cannot push the pedals out of reach, and put the gamer out of action. To prevent slippage on hard surfaces, the bottom of the pedal base has non-slip pads as well.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech Driving Force Pro is available on retail stores shelves and

online at www.logitech.com for a suggested retail price of £99.99.

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