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Get Games St Valentine's Day Massacre

Gun-based games get reduced.

We at Get Games know it must be close to Valentine's Day when the man in our local coffee shop starts adding chocolate hearts to our Cappuccino and whilst we are not against a bit of romance in our lives, we at Get Games draw the line at pretending downloading games is romantic.

We prefer to use the other reason this day is famous, The "St Valentine's Day Massacre" as our inspiration. Bringing you a collection of “Shooters” for a lot less than a bunch of roses or some French bubbly stuff.

From the classic Deus Ex catalogue, the Hitman's opus with a neat diversion through 'Nam to Sam, added to that, a number of games from the Tom Clancy stable, we think we have enough bombs and bullets to keep you happy.

So no chocolate love hearts from Get Games - although with the money you save you could go out and buy one, from Antonio, our local barista.

Peace out!

The Boring Bit

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