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Get Games sale

Get games like HAWX 2 and FM 2011 for less.

This week we indulge our passion for pretending we actually got to grow up into the type of people we wanted to be, you know what we’re talking about. Screaming through the skies at Mach 1 in the most advanced jets known to man or flying into battle in some of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War.

Or how about winning the league in the dying seconds of the last game of the season? Or sinking enemy battleships from the periscope of your submarine? Running your own railway system (we always wanted to be the announcer telling people that the last train home has been cancelled) or rolling down the Pacific Coast Highway in an 18 wheeler…

Well, time to reconnect with those dreams! Get Games brings you a host of amazing simulations discounted to make real life that bit more affordable until March 4 th

Football Manager 2011 – 40% off

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 – 50% off

Silent Hunter 5 – 50% off

Railworks 2 Train Simulator – 50% off

But that’s not all, we also have lovely Settlers 7 chopped in half until the 4 thof March. So pop into Get Games and get yourself some digital contentment, oh and the utterly brilliant Men of War: Assault Squad is now yours to buy from midnight today!



Football Manager 40% off IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Pre-order FREE Silent Hunter 3 Railworks 2 Train Sim 50% off Trainz Simulator 2009 50% off Trainz Simulator 2010 50% off Trainz Simulator Classic Cabon 50% off Trains Simulator Settle & Carlisle 50% off Trainz Simulator Blue Comet 50% off Trainz Simulator Murchison 50% off Silent Hunter 3 50% off Silent Hunter 4 Gold 50% off Silent Hunter 5 50% off Tom Clancy's HAWX 50% off Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 50% off IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 50% off Blazing Angels 1 50% off Blazing Angels 2 50% off Rig n Roll 75% off  

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Founded in 2009 as an independently owned joint venture between the Eurogamer Network and Mastertronic Group’s Managing Director, Andy Payne, Get Games is a digital publishing, marketing  and distribution platform. Headquartered in London, with staff in Huntingdon and Brighton, Get Games specialises in content creation and retailing utilising expertise of both Mastertronic and Eurogamer within digital publishing and retailing environment.

About Mastertronic:

Mastertronic Group owns specialist labels, Sold Out, PC Gamer Presents, Great Indie Games, Everyone Can Play, Blast Just Flight and Just Trains . It also owns physical and digital fulfilment specialist, The Producers. Eurogamer Network is  the publisher of Europe’s most popular independent videogames website, Eurogamer.net. The company also publishes a video site, Eurogamer TV, and a social network for gamers, Eurogamers. Eurogamer is available in ten languages across Europe. The company also operates live events such as the Eurogamer Expo and the GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair, and publishes the world's market-leading industry resource, GamesIndustry.biz.


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