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Huge strategy sale following the release of Shogun 2.

Did you know that strategy games are the oldest recorded form of gaming ever? Around the time we stopped being chased by Saber Tooth tigers and worrying about how to make fire, it seems mankind got down to inventing strategy games!

We at Get Games celebrate that fact and this week with the release of Creative Assembly’s AWESOME Shogun 2 we have put together some of the finest examples of this genre at the best possible prices we could!

Highlights from the promotion include

Total War Shogun 2                                     20% off

Sid Meier’s Civilization V                                40% off

Anno 1404 Gold                                          50% off

Napoleon Total War Imperial Edition                75% off

Empire Total War Gold                                  75% off

Full details of the promotion are detailed below.

Get Games Strategy Promotion March 17th - 24th           Napoleon Total War   75% off   Empire Total War Gold   75% off   Men of War Gold Edition   75% off   Real Warfare 1242   75% off   Reign Conflict of Nations   75% off   R.U.S.E     60% off   World in Conflict   50% off   Anno 1404 Gold   50% off   Tom Clancy's Endwar   50% off   Sid Meier's CiV IV Complete 50% off   Sid Meier's Pirates   50% off   Praetorians     50% off   Stronghold CE   50% off   Disciples 2 Gold   50% off   Sid Meier's Civ V   40% off   Total War Shogun 2   20% off    Stronghold Collection   30% off   Men of War Allied Assault   20% off

The Boring Stuff

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About Mastertronic:

Mastertronic Group owns specialist labels, Sold Out, PC Gamer Presents, Great Indie Games, Everyone Can Play, Blast Just Flight and Just Trains . It also owns physical and digital fulfilment specialist, The Producers. Eurogamer Network is  the publisher of Europe’s most popular independent videogames website, The company also publishes a video site, Eurogamer TV, and a social network for gamers, Eurogamers. Eurogamer is available in ten languages across Europe. The company also operates live events such as the Eurogamer Expo and the Career Fair, and publishes the world's market-leading industry resource,


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