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Get Down and Dirty with Motorama Bike Racing!

For Immediate Release

December 13th 2005 - Motorbike fans rejoice the release of Motorama, the realistic motocross simulation from IPlayAllday Studio (www.motoramagame.com). Ride through tons of challenging tracks on multiple different bikes. Jump over obstacles, collect medals, and complete time trials for new bikes and tracks. Post your high scores online and compete worldwide for the title of Motorama Champion.

Use realistic bike physics as you jump busses, ride over mountains of dirt, leap over chasms, ride through loops, and beat the clock to the finish line. Adjust body position to maneuver the bike to counter torque produced by the rear wheel, as well as land jumps. Unlike racing simulations, Motorama is almost like a puzzle game, where deciding where you give it the gas and how to position your landing creates the best strategy to reach the finish line in the fastest time possible.

Motorama is all about speed. Players race to the finish line in the fastest time possible without having to bail off the bike. Reaching the finish line intact isn't the only thing to worry about though, as one must also collect all the gold medals on a course in order to pass it. Success unlocks dozens of different riders and bikes, each with their own attributes, including police bikes, pizza delivery, and street racers. Future updates, which will be freely available, will include a map editor and tons of exciting and challenging new maps to play, and more!

Motorama is a motocross enthusiast's dream come true, with real physics and a unique timeless style that will be as fresh tomorrow as it is today. Download the absolutely free demo from www.motoramagame.com and fill your need for speed!

For Evaluation Copy Contact: Yanuar Tanzil at yanuart@motoramagame.com





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For Additional Information Contact: Yanuar Tanzil at yanuart@motoramagame.com

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