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Get bowled over by Brian Lara International Cricket’s state-of-the-art television presentation techniques.

Exclusive use of Hawk-Eye in-game | Classic Matches in Newsreel style | Picture-In-Picture display | First video now available!

The ball's hurtling towards you at 95mph, hit it for six and you're a hero, miss it and you're history... In Brian Lara International Cricket your every move is captured and analysed using innovative television presentation techniques.

Coming this July to PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, you can catch the action in the first video now from www.codemasters.co.uk/brianlara (in Downloads)

A key innovation is the exclusive incorporation of Hawk-Eye, the cutting-edge sports tracking and analysis graphics system, as used by Channel 4 and Sky Sports in their televised cricket coverage.

Brian Lara International Cricket will be the first video game to make use of Hawk-Eye, incorporated into the game under license from its creators, Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd (www.hawkeyeinnovations.co.uk)

Hawk-Eye uses sophisticated image technologies to aggregate, replay, and analyse ball and player movement to improve LBW decisions and compare bowlers' speed, swing, line and length.

Hawk-Eye monitors and analyses your bowling accuracy throughout an over, showing the path of each delivery, where it pitches, and, most controversially, is used to see whether the umpire's LBW decision was the right call.

Additionally Brian Lara International Cricket makes use of the Third Umpire decision aid. This comes into play when a line decision for run outs are too close to call by the umpire alone.

From the most modern technologies of Hawk-Eye, Brian Lara International Cricket takes players back in time to compete in Classic Matches from history, played out in black-and-white newsreel-style presentation.

The Classic Matches mode has you joining in a genuine historic match - such as the Test Match of 1882, which led to the creation of the Ashes - at a critical point. Can you pull off the same amazing cricketing feats as the greatest cricketers from times past, or even improve on their performance?

Back in the modern-day, the televisual presentation extends to a 'picture-in-picture' display. When you've timed the ball to perfection and sent it flying across the outfield, the main screen shows the fielders chasing after the ball, while the inset picture-in-picture shows the batsmen belting between the wickets, racking up the runs.

There are also glorious action replays of boundaries being hit, batting milestones being reached, aggression between batsman and bowler, wickets falling, even the stump-cam blacking out when ball hits the stumps! And it wouldn't be cricket without the ubiquitous animated ducks waddling on-screen when players have been dismissed without scoring.

And for the ultimate in TV presentation, Brian Lara International Cricket brings together the voices of cricket, including David Gower, Tony Greig, Jonathan Agnew, Ian Bishop, and Bill Lawry, to form the biggest commentary team ever featured in any cricket game.

As the game that gives everyone the chance to be the best in international cricket, Brian Lara International Cricket will hit you for six this July when it's published by Codemasters for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

Prepare to don your cricket whites with the new video now available online at www.codemasters.com/brianlara


Brian Lara, one of cricket's greatest ever players and one of video gaming's biggest sports icons, returns to game screens this summer in Brian Lara International Cricket for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. As the ultimate hit and run experience, Brian Lara International Cricket will capture all the exciting, athletic, skilful and technical elements of the sport.

In a tense battle between batting and bowling, its your chance to defend the honour of your chosen country in gripping One-Day Internationals, atmospheric Test Matches, fast Double Wicket games, challenging tournaments and even historic.

You'll be able to step up to the crease and compete with the professionals in cricket's most challenging tournaments including the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy. Featuring all the official ICC One-Day International teams, with 16 players per squad, and stadia from around the world, including The Oval, Newlands, and Edgbaston, Brian Lara International Cricket will be a truly authentic experience.

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