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German Truck Simulator

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Excalibur Publishing Ltd is set to release German Truck Simulator to the UK market on May 21st. Together with SCS Software they are taking the driving experience back to mainland Europe where it all began.

As the title indicates, German Truck Simulator is left-hand-drive simulator based around German roads and routes. It has been immensely successful on the German market but only available in the German language. As more gamers have shown keen interest in exploring this simulation, Excalibur Publishing is offering German Truck Simulator’s fully translated English version to the market.

The main objective of the game is identical to its predecessors. You will kick things off by getting a job with a haulage company gaining experience on the road to drop cargo in one of 18 major German cities included. Ensure your deliveries are on time and your truck is in pristine condition whilst keeping an eye on fuel consumption. In no time you will not only be King of the Road but also the boss of your very own haulier business.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “It fantastic to compliment the range of Truck Simulators we have introduced to the market in the past by adding German Truck Simulator. With MAN permitting us to recreate some of their trucks in 3D, the gamers will be able to enjoy the highly detailed interiors and get behind the wheel of these iconic trucks themselves.”

The product will retail at £24.99, is available on pre-order at www.excalibur-publishing.com and will officially hit the shelves in all major game retailers on 21 May 2010.

Excalibur Publishing Ltd.

For further information please contact Robert Stallibrass on Tel: 01869 338833.

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Editor’s notes:

About Excalibur Publishing Limited

Excalibur Publishing and First Class Simulations are the 100% owned labels of Contact Sales Ltd. Contact Sales is one of the few remaining publishers that are a privately owned UK company and also solely based in the UK. Run by Managing Director Robert Stallibrass, he and his team have over 25 years of experience in computer games industry.

While First Class Simulations exclusively publishes flight and train simulator add-ons, Excalibur Publishing specialises in stand PC games and PC simulations such as UK Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator Gold, Theatre of War: Afrika 1943, Blood of Europe and Farewell to Dragons. Their titles can be found in all of the major UK retail outlets including; PC World/Dixons, Game, GameStation, independent stores and online at Amazon, and Play.com.

In Europe our titles can be found in all major retail outlets and online.

Minimum System Requirements

• Operating system: Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7

• Processor 2.2 GHz

• 1 GB RAM (2 GB on Windows Vista or Windows 7)

• 256 MB graphics accelerator (GeForce FX or better class, ATI 9600 class or better)

• DirectX 9 compatible sound card

• DirectX 9.0

• 1 GB of free hard drive space

Recommended System Requirements

• Dual or Quad Core Processor 2.2+ GHz

• 2 GB RAM

• 512 MB video card: GeForce 6 or better, ATI Radeon 9800 or better

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