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German Open Beta of RuneScape goes live

German version of popular Java MMORPG launches as Open Beta

UNITED KINGDOM, Cambridge, 28th March 2007 - Jagex Ltd today announced the Open Beta launch of the German language version of its MMORPG, RuneScape. The German translation of RuneScape includes both the free and members areas of the game, in full, and can be found at www.runescape.de.

"We're thrilled to be launching the new German version of RuneScape, now all German speakers can enjoy RuneScape to the full." said Managing Director of Jagex Ltd, Constant Tedder. "This is the first step in creating a truly multi-language gaming community for RuneScape and we are hoping that the German RuneScape can capture the imagination of German-speaking players in the same way that the English-language version has." he added.With unlimited hours of exciting gameplay to experience, hundreds of mythical and mystical creatures to encounter and thousands of real world players to meet, the world of RuneScape is one of limitless possibility.

Consisting of both a free and members version of the game, the thriving community of RuneScape - home to more than 5 million active players and over 950,000 subscribers - is filled with excitement and adventure. Wherever your interests lie, there will something to suit you - farming, fishing, crafting or cooking; you can even build and maintain your very own house. In fact, with more than twenty unique skills to learn and over a hundred quests to conquer, there is something for everyone.

Add to this the ability to play RuneScape directly within your web browser via a very small and simple download, receive weekly game updates that are released simultaneously across all language versions and expand on the existing game-world and a members' version that provides players with exclusive content, and you have a truly unmissable experience.

With the wealth of storylines in the game amounting to more than 1.5 millions words, a team of fully bilingual German translators have spent the last year producing a localized version of RuneScape, making sure that the English language game has been translated carefully, fully adapting the context and humour of RuneScape for the German language market.

"Getting this massive project completed has been a great challenge and it everyone's involvement has been fantastic. The German translation team focused on producing translations of a high quality, whilst maintaining the character of the original game and at the same time adapting it for the German-speaking audience," said RuneScape's Localization Manager, Simon Seefeldt. "The reaction from the existing German community has been very positive and we hope that our growing German audience will also appreciate the huge team effort that has led to this incredible achievement." he added.The German version of RuneScape is accompanied by a brand-new, comprehensive German-language website that is packed full of features, including unique news articles and active forums. The site will serve as a hub for the German-speaking community by providing an extensive amount of information on all aspects of the game, and as the ultimate goal is to offer the German community the same features as its English counterpart, the site will soon include complete translations of the RuneScape Knowledge Base and Quest Help system.

About Jagex Ltd

Jagex Ltd is an independent developer and operator of online games. Jagex specializes in persistent character games with immersive environments, all fully 3D and playable in the browser. For more information about Jagex Ltd and its products can be found on the Internet at http://www.jagex.com/corporate.

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