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Geomerics Unveils a Step Change in Dynamic Games Lighting

11th July 2006. Cambridge, UK. Geomerics today unveiled the first glimpse of their revolutionary new technology allowing real-time radiosity in videogames utilising commodity graphics processing hardware. Radiosity, fully modeling the subtle effects arising from the inter-reflections of light between surfaces, dominates many real-world situations: shadows in exterior scenes are filled in by light reflecting from bright areas; the 'mood' of a room is heavily influenced by the colours of the walls, a red wall makes the room feel warm and welcoming, a blue wall makes it feel cold and menacing. Current state-of-the-art lighting technology used in games involves either pre-computing the entire global illumination off-line or assuming there are no inter-reflections and computing only the direct effects of lights on what they are illuminating. Pre-computing the lighting results in lighting environments that cannot be altered. Considering only direct illumination results in 'flat' unrealistic scenes; if a torch is shone on a wall in a game only the wall is lit whereas in reality the reflected light from this wall will reveal much more of the environment. With Geomerics' dynamic radiosity solution the full lighting, including inter-reflections, is updated in real-time providing significantly greater realism and impact. Until now such effects were considered well beyond the reach of real-time techniques. Geomerics has applied its core technology, based around geometric algebra, to produce this radical new radiosity solution. The solution is real time, achieving frame rates of up to 100Hz on common graphics hardware, and allows for fully dynamic lighting including point spot-lights, area lights, texture-based lighting, glowing objects and the projection of video onto geometry. The full indirect lighting calculation includes the soft-shadows that characterise real-world scenes. Geomerics' technology also integrates smoothly with classic techniques such as normal and gloss mapping, and fully supports HDR (high dynamic range) lighting effects. In addition to all this, Geomerics' technique is a so-called 'infinite bounce' solution; surfaces which themselves are illuminated indirectly can illuminate other surfaces. This leads to impressive effects, for example if one end of a white corridor is lit strongly then the light bounces around the corridor eventually emerging at the other end. Chris Doran, CEO and founder of Geomerics commented, "This revolutionary lighting technique is another demonstration of the amazing potential of Geomerics' technology and our unique approach to games middleware and technology licensing. Geometric algebra provides opportunities for totally new solutions in a huge range of games problems, from lighting to path physics and beyond." Julian Davis, CTO, further commented, "I have been amazed by the impact of this technique. When we switch on our radiosity pass the scene is transformed. Real-time radiosity is the holy grail of lighting models, and I am truly excited by what the top developers will be able to do with it." Demo can be found here: Chris Doran will be providing the first live demonstration of Geomerics' revolutionary lighting solution during his talk at the Develop Conference in Brighton on the 13th July at the Metropole Hotel. For further information please contact: Alison Beasley, Lincoln Beasley PR T: +44 (0) 1608 645756 M: +44 (0) 7966 449130 E: About Geomerics Geomerics, a Cambridge based games start-up, is focused on bringing a range of new solutions to the games industry based on their recent developments in the field of geometric algebra. Applications for this technology include lighting, physics, animation, surface modeling and path finding. More information can be found at or by e-mailing Geomerics are actively recruiting. We are seeking technical programmers keen to join an intensely focused research team, dedicated to converting the latest mathematical advances into practical games technology. Geomerics Ltd is an ANGLE plc venture (
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