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Geo-Political Simulator

Details of the eleven ministries over which you preside.

Put your policies into action in Geo-Political Simulator (GPS) using your eleven ministries, including treasury, defense, education and research, and the home office. Allocate budgets, set staff numbers and salaries, and check your ministers' performance. Modify a bill and check it's popularity while the bill is debated in parliament. Construct buildings, meet targets and analyse data to compare your own country's economic performance with your rivals and allies.

For the first time on PC the Geo-political Simulator Game (GPS) is an ultra-real simulation of our world and its politics, from now until the end of the century. Energy, security, economy, environment, strategy, diplomatic alliances, culture policy, intelligence, infrastructure – anything could make you the greatest political leader of the 21st century ... if you stay in power!

You're in charge. You have the power. But do you have what it takes?

Geo-political Simulator will be released in the UK on PC by Eversim in Q4.

PR Contact:

Ruth Fraser/Keiron Fraser/JJ Penney

Chaloner Associates Ltd

Tel +44 (0) 1954 270599

Mob +44 (0) 771 517 1788

About Eversim

Eversim was founded in February 2004 by Andre and Louis-Marie Rocques. The company, based in Marne La Vallee east side of Paris, is specialized in creating simulation and strategy games.

Between 1987 and 2003, Eversim's founders created, under the Silmarils label, close to 30 products for consoles and computers (PC, PS2, PS1, Amiga ... etc) that were sold throughout the world. They have worked together for over twenty years in the world of video games, and were around when the industry was in its infancy in the 1980s.

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