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Generation: Gamerz Proudly Presents "Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat" at the It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival.

'Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat' documentary on violence in videogames to screen at Wisconsin film festival.

For Immediate Release:

Generation: Gamerz (, proud gaming sponsor of the It Came from Lake Michigan Film Festival ( today announced that 'Spencer Halpin's Moral Kombat' documentary on the violence in videogames debate will screen both Saturday 27 October and Sunday 28 October 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Spencer Halpin being present Saturday. The full-length feature is the first documentary to be shot completely in high-definition and utilizes cutting edge special effects to make the documentary visually stunning. The documentary has been stirring interest and been labeled controversial after the trailer showed up on Youtube.

"After seeing the film I felt that everyone should see it," said Christophor Rick, Business Manager of Generation: Gamerz, LLC, "it does an excellent job of evenly presenting both sides of the debate in a format that is visually interesting without being sensationalistic, regardless of accusations of such."

Shot entirely in high-definition video, the full-length feature documentary studies the controversial, polarizing subject of video game violence through a series of interviews with experts on both sides of the matter - some believing that violent games should be banned, others supporting their protection under the First Amendment.

"What the film does best is make you think, makes you open your mind and listen to both sides of a very important debate." said Thomas Balistreri, General Manager of Generation: Gamerz, LLC., "we are very excited to have this opportunity to show everyone Mr. Halpin's documentary about a debate critical to our industry."

Interviewees in the film are leading politicians, journalists, academics, consumer advocates and special interest group executives, game developers, retailers, trade associations and publishers. The interviewees among others, include: Dr. David Walsh, Jack Thompson, Dr. Michael Rich, Lorne Lanning, Greg Fischbach, Dean Takahashi, Jeff Griffiths, John Marmaduke, Pamela Eakes, Andy McNamara, Greg Ballard, Bob McKenzie, American McGee, Hal Halpin, Lt. Col Grossman, Phil O'Neil, Marie Sylla, Ed Williams, Richard Ow, Dr. Henry Jenkins, and Jason Della Rocca.

The ICFLM film festival will run 26-28 October 2007 in the Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center. For more information contact

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About It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival

It Came From Lake Michigan is a horror, sci-fi and fantasy film fest held in Wisconsin with the goal of not only to showing some of the best independent horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from around America, but from around the world as well. This year featuring appearances by Uwe Boll, Mark Borchardt and others.

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