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Generate thousands of synthetic, realistic 3D Heads with GenCrowd 3D v2.0©

Liverpool, UK - for immediate release, Dec 19th 2006 - Genemation Ltd. a leading developer of 3D 'face synthesis' and character modelling tools anounces the launch of GenCrowd 3D v2.0® for digital artists who need to easily and quickly generate large numbers of synthetic, realistic looking 3D heads. Output can be seemlessly exported into industry-standard art/animation tools and pipleines. GenCrowd's heads are highly configurable to suit a wide range of applications, including video games, mobile, post production, web authoring and other digital content applications.

GenCrowd 3D v2.0® heads are:

Copyright free

Generated by age, gender and ethnicity.

Animatable, using GenCrowd's morph targets or bone rig

Exportable in a variety of file formats, mesh resolutions and texture sizes.

So, if you need to populate your stadium or street scene in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles or Bombay and time, money and resources are tight let GenCrowd 3D help you or your artists lighten the production load.

GenCrowd 3D info:

GenCrowd 3D allows any number of unique 3D heads to be generated easily and quickly You can set the number of heads you wish to generate in a given window Individually generated heads can viewed 360º at different mesh resolutions in a dedicated window You can mix selected heads to produce sub sets of 'related' heads, then change the charcateristics of the new group If you're looking to create a particular head, GenCrowd enables you to change the ethinicity, age or gender If you want to generate a crowd of heads with certain characteristics, GenCrowd 3D enables you to define the types of heads you wish to generate by specifiying the age, gender or ethnicity Whether you want your heads to smile or frown, GenCrowd allows a variety of morph targets (expressions and phonemes) to be added to each head. You can mix expressions, phonemes and other traits to produce truely unique characters Morph targets can be applied to large numbers of selected heads with a couple of keys strokes Animation: to speed this up in your animation package the heads are exported with a bone rig and animation sequence, which cycles through sample expressions and visemes Bump and specular maps can be created and exported Once you have created your desired head or group, you can then save and export them into many of the popular 3D art animation packages in the following file formats: - obj

- maya binary (.mb)


- fbx

- DotXSI

The supplied mesh is a high quality quad mesh (which enables easy subdivision, in ZBrush for example). There are 4 export mesh resolutions: 1, 2, 5 and 9k. All of these mesh resolutions come complete with a bone rig for animation The meshes can be imported into Maya® (.mb file compatible with 6.0, 6.5, 7.0), 3ds Max®, SOFTIMAGE|XSI® and other packages where finishing touches, e.g. hair, can be added.

Read what some of our existing clients say about GenHead:

'The software is very easy to use and generates a lot of meshes with good variation in a short time frame..Without referring to any of the help files I was able to figure out the basics of the software very quickly and was very impressed with the functionality..The option to view the bones which are driving the target shapes felt pretty good and give the software a more professional feel compared to other products.

All in I was very impressed with the software, and feel it would add value to studios needing to generate lots of generic characters in a short time frame. The ability to group characters into sets seems pretty good and would be useful for studios working on MMORPG's or large military-style shooter titles'.

Lee Montgomery, ex artist/animator, GTA Rockstar North


Online at: http://www.genemation.com/new_pages/gencrowd3d_main.cfm

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Tel: +44(0) 151 705 3530, Fax: +44(0) 151 705 3531


About Genemation

Genemation has developed sector leading face synthesis and character modelling technology, based on Manchester University research in facial recognition, parametric and statistical modelling, and has taken a leading position within the video games development sector with its GenHeadTM and GenCrowdTM standalone software tools.

Genemation Ltd is a privately owned Company founded in 2002; for further information please visit Genemation's website www.genemation.com where you can download a trial version of GenCrowd 3D v2.0®. GenHead, GenCrowd, and Genemation are trademarks of Genemation Ltd All other brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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