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SYDNEY, Australia – 2 December 2009

3RD Sense, which operates the successful play platform, and develops games and online apps for consumers and innovative brands worldwide, has today announced its ‘Biggest Game of 2010 Competition’ for Flash developers around the world, providing them with the chance to share in a US$100k prize pool. will award a first prize of US$50k to the developer whose game generates the highest earnings through the new Fizzy Games Developer Network (GDN) in 2010. In addition to the prize, the developer will also keep all earnings from the game as part of the standard terms and conditions of the GDN. is also offering runner up and quarterly prizes totalling a further US$50k.

The casual games sector is one of the fastest growing areas of internet innovation as well as revenue generation. The competition underscores the commercial opportunities for developers in this sector available through’s GDN.

How will the winner be decided?

This Biggest Game of 2010 Competition will be judged according to the earnings* generated by an individual game distributed through the Fizzy GDN. The Fizzy GDN provides Flash game developers with a free and easily accessible platform to distribute their games and earn revenue from those games. Prizes will be awarded to the games that generate the greatest earnings for their developers during the calendar year of 2010. Games developed by 3RD Sense are excluded from the competition.

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Colin Cardwell, CEO for and 3RD Sense:

“ is offering developers the chance to compete for the biggest cash prize ever offered for a Flash games developer competition. We hope that developers enjoy the challenge and take up the opportunity to be rewarded for their skill and passion.”

“3RD Sense is committed to casual game play and creating an online environment where developers can showcase their talent and earn decent money for their work. The casual games industry is going from strength to strength and we see this competition as a further investment in the industry. The Fizzy GDN and the Biggest Game of 2010 Competition will provide developers with the tools and inspiration to produce creative and commercially successful Flash games.”

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The earnings of the game are the total earnings made by the developer from that one game from 01 January 2010 until 31 December 2010 inclusive. Earnings are the amount paid by Fizzy per 1000 plays on Fizzy plus the percentage of earnings from any game sales on Fizzy.

Other standard terms of the Fizzy GDN apply, including:

1. The Prize money is in addition to any earnings generated through the Fizzy GDN.

2. The game developer retains all Intellectual Property Rights to their game(s).

3. This is a non-exclusive agreement; developers are free to distribute their games through other means too and generate revenue from additional sources.


3RD Sense creates casual and social games for its website which is aimed at consumers, advertisers and game developers. The success of the site is reflected in the numbers with over 1 million visitors and 35 million ads served each month, plus a growing member base of over

414,000. Advertisers and game developers are drawn to because of the large and growing audience, their high levels of engagement with the site and their wide demographic range. All 3RD Sense casual games are available on and some demo versions are also distributed to a network of over 1000 additional gaming sites.

3RD Sense has a strong track record as an independent games developer and has been behind the development of major Flash game successes including the Swords and Sandals and Exmortis series, Lightening Pool 2 and more. 3RD Sense also offers other game developers the opportunity to distribute their games via its Games Developer Network (GDN).

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