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Update 1.2 available with free Headz to celebrate.

Copenhagen, Denmark/ Berlin, Germany, 12 November 2009 – The Gedda-Headz Update 1.2 is now available. Along with the new multi-player mobile game Pløt4, which demands a knack for combination, concentration, and a quick eye, iPhone and iPod touch users can enjoy a detailed on-line arena, a new leader board design, and a menu update.

Owners of JAVA mobile phones without 3G and WiFi function, can now play in the on-line area at no cost via the PC Bridge (Version 1.2) – support has also been added for most Widcomm Bluetooth devices.

The overall look of the world map has been improved – users can now choose exactly what information they would like to obtain from the map, such as a friend’s status or level.

Thanks to the update, the abilities of the Headz can now also be improved off-line. In addition, the graphics for some games and the design of the main menu have been improved, new sounds have been added, and a new scaling has been performed for a variety of screen sizes.

Security has also been reworked – in order to increase users’ trust, the SMS authentification has been completely eliminated and all associated telephone numbers have been deleted.

The extra virtual treat for everyone: free Headz to test! For a short time, you can get hold of a free Head and become a member of the mobile games and entertainment community. Those who want to participate with a JAVA mobile phone can upload the software update to their phone and start playing immediately with the limited game piece which appears after the log-in.

iPhone and iPod touch owners can have their free Head sent to them in the mail via the shop at and test themselves against their friends or other Headz around the world and battle for respect points.

Of course, all other free features, such as chats, localisation software, music by the community’s own rap/hip-hop band Gedda-Headz, and much more, are available.

Features of the Gedda-Headz community:

• Social networking/ message exchange/ chatting

• Localisation software

• Free mobile multi-player games

• Collect 36 Headz with a variety of characteristics

• Communication between newer JAVA mobile phones and iPhone/ iPod touch possible

• Free songs and music videos by the hip-hop/rap band Gedda-Headz

For more information, visit

About Gedda-Headz

Gedda-Headz GmbH, from Berlin, Germany, was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The basic idea by founder and CEO Ulrik Jensen was to develop a collectible street style, which appeals to today’s youth and their mobile phones: collecting 2.0. He implemented the entire concept with Professor Frank Fitzek, PhD., specialist for mobile applications, and a top programming team from Berlin-based acticom GmbH.

Also under the management of Ulrik Jensen is the record label Gedda Records, based in Los Angeles, whose band Gedda-Headz published their first single on 1 August 2009. The band consists of three members – Jasper, Frank, and Zoe – from Los Angeles and New York, and the band manager Jankel. Their real identity will be secret at first; they want to use their masks to call attention to the central message of Gedda-Headz ‘It’s cool to care’ and challenge young people to show more respect for themselves and others.

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