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GDC: RenderWare plans "The Making Of" presentations on key titles

Leading middleware provider Criterion is planning to run a series of presentations at the Game Developers Conference next week which will give insight into how a number of key titles were built using their RenderWare technology.

The company is building a cinema venue on the show floor to host the presentations, which cover six of the triple-A franchises that have chosen Renderware, as well as a pair of presentations on the next evolution of the technology, Renderware 4.

Among the games being covered are Criterion's own Burnout 3, Darkworks' Cold Fear, Spark's Call of Duty and Backbone's original PSP title Death Jr, which was the first game ever to be demonstrated for the system.

Each presentation will be made by a key member of the team responsible for the game, and further details - as well as pre-registration for the showings - can be found by clicking here.

Those presentations in full:

  • Cold Fear - WEDNESDAY MARCH 9TH - 16:00
  • Commandos: Strike Force - FRIDAY MARCH 11TH - 12:00
  • The Settlers - FRIDAY MARCH 11TH - 14:00
  • Death Jr - THURSDAY MARCH 10TH - 14:00
  • Burnout 3 - WEDNESDAY MARCH 9TH - 14:00
  • RenderWare 4 - WEDNESDAY MARCH 9TH - 12:00 And THURSDAY MARCH 10TH - 12:00
  • Call of Duty - THURSDAY MARCH 10TH - 16:00

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