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GDC China 2010

Investment bank boss Tim Merel to discuss opportunities in China.

Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel has been invited to discuss Chinese international games investment opportunities at GDC China in Shanghai on 6 th December

Commenting on the session, Merel said, “When I gave the games investment keynote at the Shanghai World Expo earlier in the year, I was impressed by the quality, drive and growth of the Chinese games businesses I met. I have never seen so many people focused on building great companies. What also struck me was the almost universal desire to invest and grow internationally, leveraging their existing strengths.

So I was pleased to be invited back to talk to Chinese companies and investors about international growth and investment opportunities. I believe the future lies in co-operation between East and West, with significant opportunities for Chinese investment and partnership internationally and international investment and partnership within China.”

The session is focused on how Chinese companies can leverage their strength by investing in international games markets, taking a practical approach to the many opportunities and challenges. The presentation includes a comparison of Chinese video games domestic growth and international growth, attractive international video games markets by games industry sector and geography, solutions to the opportunities and challenges for Chinese companies seeking international growth (including international market entry, investment, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, business relationships / culture, management style, business models and player culture), and practical next steps for strong Chinese companies.

The session will be attended by major and independent video games, digital media, digital services, telecommunications and software companies, institutional, VC and private equity investor, Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, Corporate Development Directors and Partners.

Tim will also be holding one-on-one meetings with Chinese companies and investors after the conference in Shanghai and Beijing. Companies wishing to contact Tim can reach him at tim.merel @

Tim Merel is Managing Director of Digi-Capital ( , an investment bank focused on digital growth companies. Tim has Video Games, Digital Media, Technology and Telecoms experience in industry, direct investment, financial services, growth company development and turnaround, across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific, with background in software engineering, law and business from Yale and Sydney University.

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