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gdahl-games unleashes a series of free demos


Norway, 21 March 2007

gdahl-games, the largest java game producer in south of Norway, is proud to release a series of free demos available for download at wap.gdahl-games.com.

The full-length games are also available for interested distributors.

Miss PacMan - advanced arcade

Miss PacMan became known in the 80s as an advanced version of PacMan. PacMan will live forever.


12 different levels with increasing difficulty

The game is paused at call/SMS

Incomplete boards are saved automatically at exit

Four top scores based on points.

The game is compatible with more than 300 different cell phones models

Sudoku - Game of Logic

Sudoku has already gained the reputation of a classic game and suits perfectly for mobile phones. The aim is to place the numbers 1-9 in a 9x9 grid so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains one of each number.


90 boards at 3 difficulty levels

3 high scores per level

High scores may be reset

Board may be skipped

The game is automatically paused by calls and SMS Multilingual; the game automatically identifies the language at your phone (this version; english, norwegian and swedish are represented).

The game is compatible with more than 600 different cell phones models

StarFire - Shoot'em-up science fiction game

The game takes you through four different levels / missions with increasing difficulty. Power-ups like extra shield, weapon upgrade, invulnerability, cloak and more nice stuff appear from time to time. The missions take place in space, at the moon, in orbit and outside a space station.


Animated menu

The game is paused at call/SMS

Top scores based on points earned during the game.

The game is compatible with more than 250 different cell phones models

SkyRoads - Classic science fiction game

Run your spaceship across the skyroads throughout our solar system and the interstellar space to the edge of the universe!


Choose among 18 different worlds

Excellent detailed graphics

Great facts about a series of planets, nebulas and galaxies

Lots of new challenges throughout the levels

The game is paused at call/SMS

The game is compatible with more than 250 different cell phones models

MindMaster - classic code breaker game

The game generates a secret code with four colored sticks. The player must break the code during eight rounds by placing four sticks in a row each round. The row is evaluated so that each stick with right color is given a white evaluation stick. If the stick also has the right location, the evaluation stick will be black.


The game is paused at call/SMS

Incomplete boards are saved automatically at exit - choose to resume old game or start a new

5 top scores based on time spent. Max. 100 minutes.

If the menu is untouched for 10 seconds, a little demo will start

The game is compatible with more than 500 different cell phones models

About gdahl-games.com

gdahl-games was founded March 2005 and has produced a range of popular java games; Puzzles, arcade and action games. As the largest java games producer in south of Norway, gdahl-games has international partners for distibution in several European countries.

Customized games is offered per request.

The games are programmed with particular thought of the wide range of phone types at the market, hence each game usually is compatible with 300 or more different phone types. Extensive compatibility lists are available. All games are thoroughly tested with suitable emulators or real phones.

As we are in continous growth producing new quality games, interested distributors/partners are most welcome to contact us

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