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GC Developers Conference 2008

Nordic Game recruited as "strategic partner".

GC Developers Conference (GCDC)

(August 18-20, 2008)

LEIPZIG, Germany - July 17, 2008 - Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) today announced that Nordic Game, the leading game industry conference for northern Europe, has become a strategic partner of GCDC. At this year's GCDC, the head of the Nordic Game Program, Erik Robertson, will deliver a presentation on the campaign and results of the Nordic Game Program.

"GCDC has had a friendly relationship with Nordic Game for a long time and the opportunity to strategically partner with them makes sense for both conferences as we share the goal of promoting international cooperation and game development", said Frank Sliwka, project director of the GC Developers Conference. "This partnership also emphasizes the increasing importance of European development to the world market."

During GCDC, Erik Robertson will outline the mission and opportunities with the Nordic Game Program. The program itself was initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers and has been successful in supporting game developers from northern countries of Europe with financial means as well as market research.

"For years, GCDC has been one of the most important conferences worldwide", said Eric Robertson of Nordic Game. "The opportunity to be a strategic partner of GCDC enables us to further our mission of generating awareness for the Nordic game development industry in an international setting."

For further information, please visit the GCDC website at: http://www.gcdc.eu.

GCDC 2007 Retrospective

In 2007, GCDC was attended by 940 conference participants from 37 countries. Among the speakers were Bob Bates (USA, Legendary Game Designer and Writer), Julian Eggebrecht (USA, Factor 5), Tim Schafer (USA, Double Fine), Bruce Shelley (USA, Ensemble Studios), and Brian Sullivan (USA, Iron Lore Entertainment). GC Developers Conference has established itself internationally and today it is not only the most important event for game development in Europe, but also one of the most important conferences for the industry worldwide.

About Nordic Game Program

To help secure a broad availability of quality Nordic computer games in the future, the Nordic Game Program has a range of activities. These are selected in corporation with the industry and include development support for Nordic game projects, hosting the annual Nordic Game conference in Malmö, Sweden and the organisation of Nordic Game booths at major industry events such as GC Leipzig and GDC San Francisco. Nordic Game Program is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and administered by Nordic Game Resources AB, a Swedish limited company.

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