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GBA Smart Media adapter launches in Japan

A new peripheral for the GBA is set to be launched in Japan this week which will allow owners of the console to play back video and other media off inexpensive Smart Media storage cards.

Priced at 3,200 Yen (â'¬25), the third-party Smart Media adapter is designed to turn the GBA into a popular media player, and the company behind it - AM3 - is planning to install kiosks into retail outlets which will allow customers to download new content directly onto their Smart Media cards.

A variety of content is planned, including eBooks and episodes of animated TV series, with each item being priced at between 200 and 500 Yen (â'¬1.5 to â'¬4), and it'll also be possible to download content off the Internet and upload it to the cards from a suitably equipped PC.

AM3's launch content for the Smart Media adapter includes episodes of the popular animated TV series Detective Conan, and the company claims that five 24 minute episodes can be stored on a single 32Mb Smart Media card - which it sells for 2000 Yen (â'¬16).

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