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GB Micro won't talk to older GBAs without peripherals

Buyers of Nintendo's latest Game Boy hardware iteration, the Game Boy Micro, will have to pay extra to communicate with their friends' older Game Boy Advance and GBA SP units.

According to the peripherals page on the Japanese Game Boy Micro site, existing wireless adapters and link cables won't work with the GB Micro - and Nintendo plans to release new adapters and cables that make up for this.

The first is a wireless adapter, which will retail for 2,000 yen (EUR15 / £10), and allows players to communicate with adapters previously bundled with Pokîmon FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokîmon Emerald and Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

Nintendo also plans to release a Link Cable (1,400 yen, which translates to EUR10 / £7) for linking up to four consoles, but players expecting to link to past GBAs will also need a conversion connector (800 yen, or EUR6 / £4), which allows the Micro to link with GBA, GBA SP and Game Boy Players using existing link cables.

Game Boy Micro will launch in Europe on November 4th, priced £69.

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