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Gazillion promotes former Blizzard North boss to COO

David Brevik made second-in-command at Lego/Marvel Universe dev

MMO firm Gazillion Entertainment has promoted its studio head David Brevik to president and chief operating officer.

Brevik formerly headed up Blizzard North for seven years, and was the executive in charge of titles including the first two Diablo games, as well co-creating Battle.Net and assisting on World of Warcraft.

Lately, he's been studio director for Gazillion subsidiary Gargantuan, which is working on the comic book MMO Marvel Universe. The company has released two games to date, the MMO Lego Universe and kids' action game Marvel Super Squad. Also in the offing is sci-fi MMO Jumpgate Evolution.

The company owns four other studios in total, including Netdevil and the John Romero-founded Slipgate, and late last year raised $60 million in funding. Its interest appears to remain in premium MMOs, despite the trend towards free to play.

Replacing Brevik as studio head is Jeff Lind, formerly a development director at both EA and Turbine.

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