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Gates of Andaron

Free MMOG from Korea's Zemi Interactive boasting, among other things, a Real-time Strategic Command System.

Karlsruhe, Germany - July 29, 2009

Gameforge, the world's leading independent distributor of online games, today announced the opening of a new client-based MMOG, Gates of Andaron. Gamers will be introduced to the battle between the kingdoms of Valorian and Derion in the Gates of Andaron. The fantasy game, developed by Korean MMOG developer Zemi Interactive, is available for free to courageous fortune-seekers everywhere at

War has ravaged the kingdoms of Valorian and Derion. Those who were once allies are now hostile enemies. While the origin of the conflict has been lost over time, both kingdoms have created their own versions of the story behind the bloody conflict. The only thing certain is that the key to ending the war between the two kingdoms lies hidden in ancient, almost-forgotten tales and sagas. The quest to reveal the truth and end the everlasting struggle is a task for only the bravest of adventurers.

Whether playing as a human, feline or fairy, as an ally to one of the warring kingdoms you will face deadly challenges that can only be surmounted through the might of sword and power of magic. Not only will your journey take you through the world of modern Iberia, but it will transport you to distant lands deep in the depths of Andaron's history. In Gates of Andaron, terrifying monsters and epic battles await as you rise above the betrayal and become a hero for all eternity.

Gates of Andaron features:

R.S.C.S. - Real-time Strategic Command System: For fast-paced combat situations, the Real-time Strategic Command System helps you keep an overview, stay in control, and lead your combatants into battle quickly and conveniently.

Motivating PvP Scoring System: While conquering terrain and completing special missions in grueling player versus player (PvP) battles, earn valuable honor and achievement points that enable you to purchase additional, exclusive items for your character.

Expansive Customization Options: The crafting system allows you to create your own armor. With the help of skilled NPC's and special items, you are able to add improvements and visual effects to your weapons and equipment and prepare helpful potions.

Cooperative Gameplay: Having another player by your side not only provides camaraderie, but allows you to share life energy and collect experience points together as you progress through challenging battles.

For more information and to play Gates of Andaron, please visit

About Gameforge

Gameforge is the largest independent global provider of browser and client-based MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games). The company offers 15 games in 50+ languages. More than 75 million users have signed up for Gameforge games world-wide, and well over 17 million people are actively playing the MMOGs.

One of the most popular browser-based MMOGs, according to the Karlsruhe gaming experts, is OGame. Gameforge offers other top titles in the rapidly growing online gaming market, such as Ikariam, Legend Online, WarpFire, Gladiatus, or BiteFight, and, with its extensive games portfolio, counts among the market-leading developers and publishers of browser games. The second strategic core business of the company is publishing client-based online games. These include Europe's largest MMOG, the oriental action game Metin2.

In December of 2003, Klaas Kersting and Alexander Rösner founded the games provider Gameforge. The company employs more than 270 people at its office in Karlsruhe, Germany. A renowned investor, Accel Partners, has had a stake in the company since August 2007.

In 2008, Gameforge won the 'Red Herring 100 Europe', the 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2008', and the 'Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars' awards. Moreover, Gameforge was voted a 'Technology Pioneer 2009' by the World Economic Forum. Gameforge won the 'International Business Awards 2009' in the category "Most Innovative Company of the Year in Europe". In 2009, Gameforge won the German Computer Game Award in the "Best Browser Game" category with Ikariam. The game was also a finalist in the category "Best New Product or Service of the Year" of the 'International Business Awards 2009'.

For more information about the company and the games, please visit

Joe Ziemer, TriplePoint for Gameforge

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