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Gate 88 Stability Patch Released


March 22, 2005 (Toronto, Canada) - Queasy Games has released a new patch for their abstract action-strategy title Gate 88. The patch fixes many stability issues including a nasty bug that caused significant slowdowns in multiplayer games. It is available at the Gate 88 download site (

In addition to fixing the various stability issues, a small gameplay tweak was introduced which raises the starting resources for players. With the extra resources, players are now able to immediately execute a variety of opening strategies instead of always starting the game building factories. The result is a much tighter, and faster gameplay. Also, a new Colour Test Mode allows players to easily mod the colours of the game.

Earlier last month, a massive Gate 88 update was released, bringing a whole slew of refreshing graphical and gameplay enhancements to the game. Unfortunately, the update contained a critical bug which caused multiplayer games to eventually slow to a crawl. Although a temporary fix was released, it did not address many of the other issues covered in this release.

Gate 88 is an abstract space shooter that combines fast-paced action with compelling strategy. PC Gamer UK states "Gate 88 is to Asteroids what the Taj Mahal is to Lego. It's a top-down shooter with remarkable depth, but it's not just shooting: there's territory to grab, factories to deploy, fleets to build, and people to kill." Gate 88 takes its inspiration from classics like Herzog Zwei, Star Control, Subspace, Homeworld, and Parsec 47.

Queasy Games has stated that they will now focus on developing a Mac OSX port of Gate 88.

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