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Garden Party World

Halloween activities ahoy.

London, England – 25 th October 2010: Asylum Entertainment, the leading children’s videogame developer is pleased to announce that its award winning kid’s virtual world, Garden Party, is celebrating Halloween with plenty of treats, like loads of great party games and some wicked new items to grow in your garden.

From today, darkness will fall in the Garden Party world and players can get into the spirit by taking part in a special Halloween Treasure Hunt and the creepy Tomb Stone game. There’s also the chance to get your green fingers on some brand new hats and spooky ghosts.  Players can also send a picture of their Garden Party character in their spooky costume for the chance to win a special Halloween-themed prize. Pictures should be sent to competitions@gardenpartyworld.com.

What’s more, from November 1 until January 7 there’s the opportunity to get 20% off all Garden Party Membership packages.  Asylum Entertainment is also giving away an exclusive orange panda suit anyone signing up for a six-month membership package.  Want more? Well, if you sign up for the full 12 month membership package you’ll get a super cool purple panda suit to go along with the awesome orange one, an extra room for your Treehouse and an additional 100 inventory spaces that you’ll need to carry all of these unique items.

Garden Party is an award winning virtual world where kids can chat, grow magical plants and play games in a fun, friendly and safe environment.   Best of all, Garden Party is FREE to play.  In October 2010 Garden Party won a National Parenting Publication (NAPPA) honors award

To sign up and grow your own fun visit www.gardenpartyworld.com


About Asylum Entertainment UK Ltd

Asylum Entertainment.com is a highly experienced, award winning video game developer, publisher and distributor based primarily in the major brand children's market. Asylum has completed over 23 titles on multiple platforms including Dr. Who, Horrid Henry, Peppa Pig and the Teletubbies.. Asylum uses a number of leading edge technologies and develops for all gaming platforms, currently focused on developing for Online PC, NDS and DSi, Wii, Xbox360 and PS3/P. Asylum is passionate about its games, understands children's brand values and always aims to surpass expectations. Check out www.gardenpartyworld.com for their new awesome online children’s game universe.



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