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GarageGames Levels the Playing Field with the Release of Torque Game Builder

Powerful new creation tool brings professional game making to the masses.

Eugene, OR June 21, 2006 -- GarageGames, the leading technology provider for independent and professional game makers, is pleased to announce the release of Torque Game Builder and Torque Game Builder Pro for Windows and Apple OS-X platforms.

Built upon the definitive technology of the popular 3D Torque Game Engine, Torque Game Builder features animated sprites, flexible tiles, special effects system, state-of-the-art collision, real world physics, and hardware-accelerated 2D rendering. Combined with these powerful features, the easy-to-use editors for interface creation, effects, tiles, level building, and packaging make Torque Game Builder approachable by anybody with the desire and drive to make a game. Though Torque Game Builder is a 2D engine, incorporation of 3D objects and features such as parallax scrolling allow users to create pseudo-3D games and environments, emulating anything from Super Mario Brothers to Civilization.

"Torque Game Builder is the next step on our course to revolutionize the gaming industry," said GarageGames President Mark Frohnmayer. "We won't stop until everyone with a passion to make games has the tools available to make that happen, using their own creativity and on their own terms. Much the same way that anyone can pick up an instrument and learn to play music, we want them to be able to pick up one of our engines and learn to make games. Torque Game Builder goes a long way towards making that a reality."

The Torque Game Builder pricing structure continues the long-standing GarageGames tradition of offering substantial discounts to Indie developers and hobbyists, making the C++ source code of the engine available, and charging no royalties, ever. Torque Game Builder is a complete product out of the box, but for those who would like to modify the core functionality of the engine, optimize the code for a particular game, or just peek under the hood to see how things work, GarageGames is providing the C++ and TorqueScript source code as part of Torque Game Builder Pro. This is the only difference between the two versions. Torque Game Builder is offered to Indies and hobbyists at $100 (retail: $495), and Torque Game Builder Pro is priced at $250 with the Indie discount (retail: $1250).

A 30-day trial version of Torque Game Builder will be available for download on the GarageGames website June 21, 2006. Torque Game Builder and Torque Game Builder Pro will be available for purchase June 21 as well.

About GarageGames:
GarageGames is changing the gaming world. How they're made. How they're played. How they're marketed. Our mission is simple: to create truly innovative, feature-rich, yet affordable, tools and resources for developers at any level - and on any platform. It's this technical expertise, front-line experience, and commitment to originality that already reinvented the industry with our revolutionary Torque gaming platform and the one and only Indie Games Conference ( GarageGames is located in Eugene, Oregon and on the web at

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