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GarageGames Announces Torque 2D Engine Support of Tiger

GarageGames and Apple bring the fun back to gamers with Torque 2D Gamemaker


January 11, 2005 -- Eugene, OR - GarageGames, creators of the popular indie-focused Torque Game Engine, announced today at MacWorld 2005 that their new Torque 2D Game Engine will be supporting Apple's upcoming OS X platform, Tiger.

Torque 2D is all about rapid development for games. It takes care of the technology, and the developer can focus on gameplay and art. By extending the current Torque Game Engine platform, indie developers will have a powerful tool to compete in the exciting and growing arena of 2D gaming.

Several key features of Torque 2D:

  • Sprites - (static and animated)
  • Tiles - (static, animated, dynamic, script-executable, unlimited layers, import from popular formats, fully scrollable)
  • Collision - (swept-poly collision, highly optimized, returns rich info: contact points, normals, time of impact, etc, collision with individual tiles)
  • Physics - (full rigid-body dynamics: linear and angular velocity, mass, inertia, friction, torque, etc)
  • Complete C++ Source

"Our excitement with the new Apple OS X platform is compounded by our excitement for Torque 2D," said Jay Moore, GarageGames Evangelist. "Indie game developers will now be able to enter into a tool and game development suite with a consistent and integrated knowledge base sharing core functionality like scripting, networking, platform support and more."

Torque 2D will be available from GarageGames. In addition to Torque 2D's support of the upcoming Tiger OSX, other GarageGames products like the Torque Game Engine 1.4, Dark Horizons: Lore Gold, Torque ShowTool Pro, Zap! and many more will also be supporting Tiger.

About GarageGames:

GarageGames mission is to change the way games are made and played. GarageGames provides the technology, community and market to empower game makers to build commercial quality multiplatform games. Known for bringing the Torque Game Engine to independent developers for $100, GarageGames is located in Eugene, Oregon and on the web at www.garagegames.com and is the presenter of the annual IndieGamesCon.

Contact: Benjamin Bradley


(541) 345-3040

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