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SteelSeries Cataclysm Mouse delayed till after Christmas; Turtle Beach X41 headset proving popular.

With the imminent release of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm, there has been a massive rush for all of the new limited edition accessories that go with it. Made by SteelSeries, the Cataclysm Mouse is in heavy demand to go with the new game. However, even though the release date for the new expansion is next week the mouse itself has been pushed back after Christmas and maybe even into the new year for many suppliers. Missing out on Christmas and their own release date may be a heavy blow to sales for this product, with many other product shortages across the board this year.

The Turtle Beach X41 Xbox Headset has been very popular this year, with almost every supplier selling out and MadCatz themselves are unlikely to be able to get more to suppliers before Christmas, so if you can still get orders through for them now is the chance! Other great products include their Turtle Beach DSS Unit which has been high in demand, but with their imminent release of the Turtle Beach DX11 and DPX21 bundles this may all change. For the best new gaming accessories, visit! 

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