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Gaming Is Evolving, Welcome To Evolution!

A 1 Hour Show With An Alternative Look At The Gaming World!

November 25th 2005, London, United Kingdom

Evolution takes the games industry and offers its own unique view on what's happening in today's gaming world!

Every week, Evolution takes a look at some of the latest titles and gaming news and the presenters offer their own personal unbiased opinions on the subjects at hand. On at 7am On Game Network Sky Channel 172 and Repeated Every Week Day at the same time, it offers young adults and kids a Gaming View from people like themselves, Real Gamers!

Featuring (Almost) every console released under the sun, including retro episodes chronicling Nintendo's and Sega's Face off in the early 90's, It aims to show the viewers at home that games weren't just based around 60fps or the 128bit consoles but pure enjoyment of wasting countless hours trying to find a key or just simply kicking your friends butt!

Daniel Scammell, Producer and Presenter for Evolution Says: "Growing up in a home filled with computer games, you quickly realize how fast the genre has changed. By offering a different take on how gaming has evolved into what it is now, we aim to show kids that it is no longer "geeky" to be seen staying in playing video games." He continued "We always aim to give an unbiased look at gaming in general and with Evolution we can do that. During the past couple of month's we have seen great community's at event's such as BXB LAN 2005 and i26, People from all around the country that only know each other via screen names in forums finally getting the chance to meet, It just show's how far Gaming has come."

Wesley Lock a Gaming guru had this to say, "I'm excited to be a part of a gaming show which will hopefully become a popular feature in the gaming community" A Fellow gaming goddess Janice Careddu added "Evolution will hopefully tap into the gamers out there, and the gamers will be what makes the show great!"

Evolution hit's screens at 7am Monday-Friday on Game Network Sky Channel 172 and is repeated on Saturday's and Sundays at 12:30pm.


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