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Ambitious platform launched, aims to "Gamify" everyday applications and situations.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 18th, 2010 — Gamify, a startup on a quest for world-wide gamification, today launched Gamify.com ( http://gamify.com) and announced the Gamify Platform, the universal gamification platform. They also unveiled the Gamify Expert Network, the community of specialists that will gamify the web and beyond.

The verb 'to Gamify' means to apply game mechanics (points, levels, achievements, etc.) in everyday applications and situations to boost engagement, fun and good behaviors.

“Our belief is that most things in life should be gamified including websites, education, retail and much more.” said Nathan Lands, CEO and Co-founder of Gamify. “Eventually every part of our daily lives will be more fun and rewarding. The Gamify Platform, with the help of the Gamify Expert Network, makes it all possible.”

Gamify is developing its gamification platform to enable any connected system to be gamified. The Gamify Platform is capable of interacting with a wide variety of applications and services in fields such as the web, mobile, e-commerce, entertainment, education, work, and social good. Partners can instantly see the benefits such as engagement and loyalty of their users with advanced controls and real-time analytics. “The Gamify Platform enables the creation of the game layer above the world,” said J.R. Bédard, CTO and Co-founder of Gamify. “As more devices and captors in our life become connected and quantified, they can also be gamified to increase engagement, fun and good behaviors.”

One of the technologies Gamify has built in its platform is the Gamify “App Store” which contains flexible Reward Programs, customizable Widgets and Game Mechanics. Partners can easily install and configure them to gamify their services, websites, and mobile applications. “With this technology you can engage and reward your users for any actions you want, and closely monitor and optimize the results,” said Bédard.

Gamify silently launched the Gamification Encyclopedia last November to collaboratively document this new trend and to begin building the Gamify Expert Network. In that time frame, it has become one of the most visited resource for gamification with over 200 articles, and its traffic growing at a rate of 333% new visitors per month.

“We believe that gamification is the most significant trend to affect our society since social networks. Just like Facebook, it will add great value to our lives and improve them by promoting good behaviors. We are inspired by all the brilliant people in the gamification community who are excited by all the possibilities and we’re proud to be the first ones building a platform for them. By empowering Gamify Experts with our platform and rewarding them for their efforts, we believe we’ll see world-wide gamification much sooner than anyone had previously thought possible,” said Lands.

About Gamify

Gamify is the creator of the Gamification Platform, the game engine for the world and the web. Gamify also created the Gamification Encyclopedia, the leading resource for gamification. Gamify was founded in April 2010 by Nathan Lands, a gaming entrepreneur who began his career in games at the age of 15, and J.R. Bédard, a software engineer who previously created iPaper at Scribd. Gamify is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA. Gamify can be found at http://gamify.com. The Gamification Encyclopedia can be found at http://gamification.org .

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